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At CM event recruitment Ltd we staff occasions from a small private garden party to racecourses and large corporate events.

Every member of staff is interviewed face to face and we conduct an induction, training session and skills test to ensure that they have the right skills for the job.  Its not just about the skill its also about having the right attitude.  We match experience and personality to each event so that you can be sure the right staff are there for you.

We supply, bar staff, waiting on staff, kitchen porters and cleaners/clearers at various levels.

We work with:

  • Caterers
  • Golf clubs
  • Hotels
  • Private event organisers
  • Private weddings either on location or at a private address
  • Shopping centers
  • Event planners

We have vast experience in staffing:

  • Music events
  • Shopping center events
  • Car dealership VIP events
  • Birthday parties
  • Kosher catering events
  • Awards nights
  • Weddings
  • Racecourses
  • Various sporting events
  • Summer shows
  • Christmas party nights
  • Ferrari challenge race days
  • BMW events
  • Coca cola Christmas events

Chrissie is the founder of CM event Recruitment Ltd and Richie is the Operations manager.

They are very passionate about this industry and are constantly told that they go above and beyond looking after clients as well as their staff.

They genuinely care about their work and know that it is their  job to make sure that you have the best event with the least amount of stress.  They are always told how it comes across to everyone just how much they care.

The business was founded by Chrissie as after being in recruitment as a consultant as well being on the other side as a casual worker she genuinely didn’t like how recruitment agencies treated people.   She decided to do it herself in a way that wasn’t about ticking boxes but was about people, their needs and just treating staff and clients like human beings and not just a business transaction or numbers.

At the heart of CM event recruitment Ltd is Chrissie and Richie’s commitment to the business and care for their employees and clients.

Its all very well reading all this as most businesses will say how amazing they are but I urge you to give Chrissie and Richie a call and see just how they work so you can see for your self how much they genuinely care and go out of their way to make sure you have your special event.

CM Event Recruitment Ltd

City West Office Park
Building 3, Geldard Road
Leeds. LS12 6LN
Chrissie 07980 841075
Richie 07794 778158
Main Office 0113 8873786
SME Nat 2021 Finalist Logo 300

We staff amazing events such as

Race days
Private weddings
Hotel events
Ferrari Racedays
Kosher events
Birthday parties
Sporting events
Seasonal parties
Awards nights

Chrissie & Richie
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